Weekend Farmers LTD

Touching Soils Economically”

Weekend Farmers Program was introduced in order to contribute to food security at household and national level in Zambia. This is being achieved by Weekend Farmers Limited facilitating for land across the country for Old and New Weekend Farmers who are taking up farming as a hobby, part-time job, for profit, and general agricultural production. The lands are advertised on behalf of the sellers. 

Would you like to start Farming?

Get Titled Land

We help entrepreneurs process title deeds.

  • Traditional land to titled land
  • Change ownership on titled land including subdivisions
  • Replace any lost title deeds
  • Measure your traditional land in order to know the correct hectares and produce a Site Plans as first step in documenting the land and securing it on paper.

Who would do farming in Zambia?

  • Any ordinary Zambian busy with work  
  • Anyone who has not done farming before
  • Zambians in the Diaspora 
  • And any other person legally wishing to venture into weekend farming in Zambia 
Buy a Farm
Buy a Farm

See farms available for sale from farmers 

Sell a Farm
Sell a Farm

See farms wanted by prospective buyers

Note that when buying land, the buyer is advised to verify documents given to him or her. The more, the parties to the transaction should agree on who will bear the costs of change of ownership.